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We have 26 stores across Munster to help you with all of your Farm, Garden, DIY, Building and Fuel needs.

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Services available in store

We have a wide range of services available in our stores, including:

  • Agri Counter
  • Bulk Fertiliser Spreading
  • Weighbridge Facility
  • Grain Intake
  • Fully Covered All Season Garden Centre
  • Stove Expert
  • Paint Mixing
  • Delivery Service
  • Store to Car Service
  • Big Bin waste disposal facility
  • Clothing Recycling Facility
  • Late night Agri opening on a Thursday
  • Open Sundays & Bank Holidays
  • Farmers Market Every Friday
  • Petrol Pump
  • Diesel Pump
  • Gift Card
  • Shed/ Steel Buildings Expert
  • Slatted Rubber Advisors
  • Builders Providers Experts
  • Installment Facility
  • Drive through Fuel Service
  • Customer Service Desk
  • Furniture Department
  • Sweeper Hire
  • Plumbing Expert
  • Soil Sampling