Lawn Care Tips Summer 23

Lawn Care Tips Summer 23

    June 28, 2023

    Lawn looking like this?

    or this?

    Help rejuvenate your lawn after hot spells with these helpful tips and tricks and a great range of lawn care products from Co-op Superstores.

    To help your lawn get back to a vibrant even green, there are a few things you can do.

    Firstly you should kill off any pesky weeds that have popped up .This can be done with products like Weedol , (available instore and online from Co-Op Superstores), these products can be used even after a drought!

    Weedol comes in both an easy mix liquid of wide application and a handy spray to target specific areas of your lawn. As always be sure to take the necessary precautions when using weed killer and always read the label and use weed killer safely .

    Now you are ready to follow the steps below.

    • You can mow your lawn if you feel it’s necessary but mow it high.
    • Rake the soil to remove loose material and help aerate the soil.
    • Then give your lawn a considerate amount of water but be careful not to overloaded it with water in case it becomes waterlogged!
    • Keep a close eye on your lawn and water gently and consistently.



    Products like Thick and Green lawn feed (available instore and online from ) can help get a greener lawn in 7 days as well as slowly releasing nutrients to ensure your lawn is correctly fed for 3 months after application.

    This can be used right up to September and should be spread at a maximum of 20 grams per square meter.

    To ensure correct spreading rate first spread the recommended amount on a small area to find a visual guide of correct spreading.

    When applied correctly the area is safe for children and pets to use after application.

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