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New Calf Investment Scheme launched by Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, Michael Creed

January 10, 2020

The scheme offers farmers up to 40% grant aid to help purchase calf rearing equipment such as automatic calf feeders, milk carts with mixer included and calf teat feeders.

There are Category A & Category B investments available under the scheme, A category A investment must be applied for in order to apply for any category B investment.

Category A Investments

Investment Units Serial Number Required Reference Cost
Calf teat feeder (minimum of 6 teat places) per teat place No y = 14.584x + 32.525
Computerised calf feeder per feed station Yes y = 1534.8x + 7540.6
Milk Cart with mixer litre No y = 6.5453x – 185.53


Category B Investments

     Investments Units Serial Number Required Reference Cost
      Calf milk heater unit No  €                    218.79
Calf forage /hay rack Linear metre feed space No  €                      55.09
      Calf meal trough Linear metre feed space No  €                      37.36
      Calf feed barrier Linear metre No  €                      52.08
      Calf pen dividers Linear metre No  €                      31.36


The minimum investment required under the scheme is €1,000 excluding VAT i.e. the grant will be €400 in that case. The maximum investment eligible for payment will be €7,500 excluding VAT i.e. an applicant applies for that amount will be entitled to €3,000. Expenditure over €7,500 at applicant own cost.

The application period is from 7 January 2020 to 28 January 2020. Completed applications must be received by 5pm on Tuesday 28 January 2020.

Application Forms and Terms & Conditions available here

Call in To Any Of Our 32 Stores Across Munster or go online to see our extensive range of calf rearing equipment.

Our Agri Store Managers will be happy to guide you what types of calf rearing equipment the grant applies to.

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